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Aaron (ALiVE)

I got my first taste of the markets late in 2008 as the financial system meltdown got my attention. I thought there may be great opportunities as I had heard some quotes from Warren Buffet in my time. His 'be greedy when everyone is fearful' struck a note with me and I made some timely buys in March and April 2009 that successfully began my journey in the markets.


I discovered penny stocks later that year as I was looking for something more volatile and found a true passion in technical analysis and researching and finding the coming plays and promotions before the herd. I have dedicated thousands of hours to studying all things market.


I am a tireless worker and consider myself to be in the upper echelon of OTC market researchers.


Currently, I am primarily a day trader. My strongest setups are from the short side on over extended NASDAQ charts up on fluff news and extended promotion stocks that are ready to collapse. I also day trade solid long setups on OTC's and Nasdaqs with the occasional swing. I continue to focus on improving all facets of my game and am a team player. I believe we are only as good as our last trade, which fuels me to find solid opportunities for our team each and every day.