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Dan (DanLee)

I am a day trader, an entrepreneur, and family man. I am a hands on person that has a passion for identify how all things work so I can use this knowledge to my advantage. This passion has assisted me in nearly everything in life, from completely remodeling my home by myself, to coding websites, and dissecting how / why large gaining stocks move.


I developed and Promotion Stock Secrets to fill a void that I identified when I was looking for a trading service. Beyond all the completely corrupt trading websites, most premium trading service lacked any true value for experienced traders. The few service that did offer value only focused on one type of strategy and often relied on one guru with an ego that seemed to be more focused on their own trading profits than assisting their members.


Quality, ethics, and integrity were the core values that I built this service on (3 key factors missing from most other service). While I am a capable trader, I never want this service to center around me or any other person. The whole "trading guru" and "alert" service structure is a complete scam to take advantage of new traders (see our post here). I pledge to always place the best interest of our members ahead of my own trading profits.


It is my belief that a trading service needs to built around what real trader truly want and value. Most trading service want to tell traders what they need instead of actually identifying want traders value. Beyond learning to trade, a trader is looking for advantages to be able to react on fast moving stocks. I am dedicated to continually grow and develop the service to help our members identify the top potential trading opportunities as early as possible along. I certainly do not know everything, this is why I believe in building strong teams. Whether it is identifying catalyst early, dissecting an SEC report, or researching a potential stock promotion, we will continue to recruit the top talent to give our members the ultimate advantage.