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Our Member’s Top Potential Trade Opportunities for April 18, 2016 – April 22, 2016

24 Apr Our Member’s Top Potential Trade Opportunities for April 18, 2016 – April 22, 2016

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  1. EBIO was a great trade for us.  The ticker first got our attention on April 14th because of the nice close with the ticker pushing past $.50/share on the day.  We tracked EBIO daily after that with the ticker working its way up towards $1.00/share the next few days then taking off to $1.70/share on Friday, April 22nd for a potential increase of 220% from our first mention.
  2. CPXX was mentioned after hours on Monday, March 14th because it was running fast off news. CPXX made a nice move from $6.44/share to $10.45/share that week then pushed higher the following week to $12.73. After a brief pullback the ticker was back making new highs.  This week CPXX went higher again hitting $17.40/share on Monday, April 18th for a potential increase of 170%
  3. BBG continued higher again this week to $8.78/share for a potential increase of 150% off our March 2nd mention at $3.50/share off earnings news.
  4. UNXL first got our attention on April 13th off pre market news.  The ticker pushed up from $1.20 to $1.48/share on the day.   UNXL held its gains well for the next couple of days then on April 18th the ticker went back into motion hitting new highs.  Helped with more news on April 20th UNXL pushed all the way to $2.88/share on Thursday for a potential increase of 140%.
  5. TRXC - when TRXC fell hard on after hour news that the FDA rejected the company's SurgiBot System on 4/20 we mentioned the ticker for a bounce play just before the open on 4/21 from under $1.50/share.  TRXC bounced back to $2.56/share for a potential increase of more than 70% off the idea.
  6. CARA hit new highs again this week at $9.00/share for a potential increase of about 63% from our March 21st chat room mention and a potential increase of 97% off our original February 29th bounce idea from $4.55/share.
  7. RPRX which gave us a great trade from $.85 to $3.48/share last week started another nice trade for us off the big pullback to under $2.20/share late in the day on Friday, April 15th.  RPRX bounced back to $3.45/share for a potential increase of around 50% off the new trade idea.
  8. DDAY (formerly VGGL) got our attention late in the day on Tuesday at about $.40/share because of some strong volume/price action.  DDAY continued higher the next morning to $.5785/share for a potential increase of about 44%.
  9. NEOT got our attention in the chat room on Friday in the mid $.80s while it was still climbing on low volume.  The ticker picked up some momentum and made a nice push to $1.223/share by early afternoon for a potential increase of around 43%
  10. FELP got mentioned on April 13th off news at $1.60/share pushing to $2.15/share.  After a pullback the ticker got our attention again on Tuesday when it went back past $2 and started nearing its previous high.  FELP pushed past its previous high and kept going to $2.85/share for a potential increase of 78% off the original mention and about 35% off the new trade idea.
  11. AMD was mentioned after hours on Thursday at $2.90 climbing because of a PR about positive quarterly earnings.  AMD continued higher the next day hitting $3.99/share for a potential increase of 37%



OTC Tickers / Top Penny Stocks


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  1. TTII first got our attention after the close on Friday, March 4th. The ticker was already into a huge climb from the $.03s to $.63/share off an 8K filing earlier in the week. We should have picked up on it sooner, but even at $.63 it was intriguing because of the super tiny float of just around 1 million shares and the absence of any recent dilution or much trading history at all over the past 2 years+. TTII continued its unreal push up to $4.39/share by Tuesday, March 16th. After pulling back briefly, TTII went back on the move to new highs reaching $7.05/share on April 4th.  This week the ticker was back hitting new highs again at $7.60/share for a potential increase of 1106% off our March 4th mention.
  2. CANN - we've been following CANN since the $.50s back on March 28th. CANN really started to break out earlier this month after pushing out of the $.70s continuing its climb all the way to $1.95/share this week on Tuesday for a potential increase of over 250%.
  3. WRMT got our attention last week at $3.00/share because of the chart.  We added it to our daily list and the ticker climbed for a few days after that reaching $7.99/share on April 18th for a potential increase of 166%.
  4. TRTC is a ticker that has offered us a few good trade opportunities since January including a huge move from $.14/share on March 8th to $.421/share on March 29th so when TRTC started pulling back all the way into the low $.20s on March 31st we were watching closely for the ticker to offer another profitable trade from that range. We made our first mention of TRTC for a bounce at $.231/share late in the day on March 31st after an 8k hit rehashing old news. The TRTC share price got painted up into the close on March 31st then got a nice gap up the next day to help set TRTC up for some new positive momentum to come in. TRTC began a new strong multi-day push up reaching a new recent high at $.61/share at the start of this week for a potential increase of 165% off the new trade idea and 335% from our original early March trade idea at $.14/share.
  5. GRNH - we've been following a big group of mj tickers closely for the past 5 - 6 weeks including GRNH so when GRNH was moving up nicely before lunch on Friday, April 8th we really liked the action starting at under $.045/share. GRNH held those gains well and then made a really nice push into the close to a new recent high of $.0539/share. Last week the ticker continued higher to $.0734/share.  GRNH saw some really nice volume at the start of this week pushing even higher to $.1179/share by Tuesday for a potential increase of 162% from the trade idea.
  6. PSNX got mentioned by us on March 10th when some awareness hit for the ticker starting at $.34/share. The ticker quietly climbed from there into the $.50s on lowish but steady volume then last week it started to see a nice increase in volume helping it climb to $.67/share by Thursday, April 14th.  This week PSNX crept a little higher to $.70/share for a potential increase of 105% off that first mention.
  7. RMHB put out a press release early Friday, April 15th in the morning saying they filed a Form 10 to become fully reporting (which has still yet to hit edgar) added some ridiculous forward looking claims about up listing to the big boards in the future. The scammy ticker with tons of dirty insiders and a long dirty history does still get some nice price action from time to time so we added the ticker to our pre market emails. RMHB pushed from $.04/share to $049/share on that day with good volume then continued higher on Monday to $.08/share for a potential increase of 100%.
  8. MCOA - we liked the price action for MCOA late in the morning on April 18th around $.009/share.  The ticker picked a good day to heat up with fellow mj tickers GRNH, TRTC, and RMHB making huge runs.  MCOA pushed all the way to $.0145/share on April 19th for a potential increase of 61%
  9. MRNJ offered a decent flip opportunity on Thursday.  The ticker was mentioned in the chat room early in the day at $.001/share after a strong day of trading on Wednesday and made a push to $.0016/share for a potential increase of 60%.
  10. AMMJ - we have been focusing a lot on our mj ticker watch list since early March so when AMMJ was getting some strong price action on Tuesday, April 12th we mentioned it in the chat room at $.21/share. The ticker went on a pretty good climb from there topping off at $.33/share this week on Monday for a potential increase of 57%



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One of our primary goals is to identify catalyst and chart set-ups that have the greatest potential for large moves on both the long and short side. Our intentions is to provide high quality information that is as unbiased as possible. The catalyst and trade plan ideas that we provide are not buy or sell alerts, they represent potential opportunities that we believe our members should look into further. These are the stocks that could provide the greatest range for day trading. Since the stocks that we watch have the potential to make big moves, they can be easily influenced by additional catalyst in either direction. We highly recommend that traders have a good understanding of technical analysts along with a thorough understanding of the catalyst and other influential factors prior to trading. We recommend that a trader should only enter a trade if a good risk vs reward set-up is obvious and the trader has a solid plan. The stocks we watch are seldom good long term investments. Our team members are focused on potential day trades and swing trades only. Above is a list of our top potential trade opportunities that we had identified over the last week. In our list we have posted the price at the time that we had identified the catalyst or listed a potential trade plan idea. The potential increase / decrease percentage represents the highest potential move. It is unrealistic to ever expect to time the exact top and bottom of every move and it is our belief that traders should be looking instead to find a smaller, higher predictable piece of the larger moves when the proper setups appear.


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