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Back in 2009 an acquaintance of mine came to me about an investment he made in a company called Petro America Corp.  He was introduced to the opportunity through his church and was told an investment of $1000 would turn into $100,000 when the company went public.  I explained to him that it sounded too good to be true and it was probably a scam.  He didn't believe me so I started investigating the investment online which led me to the IHUB message boards.  I spent the next few months researching more and posting my research.  Eventually I shared my research with the SEC and DOJ.  14 people got arrested for the affinity scam and all were found guilty.  The ring leaders are now serving long prison sentences.  The DOJ Complaint read like I had written it.  Lots of research I posted online ended up in the Complaint so I figured out I must be pretty good at this research stuff.  From there I ventured off the Petro America Corp forum and started posting research on some other tickers.  When I exposed the Supatcha Minerals (SAEI) scam in December of 2010 I really started to gain a big following.  It was at this time that I started the DD Support and Fraud Research forum on the IHUB as a place for fellow researches to join me in posting real/honest research about penny stocks that others could easily find.  A lot of my research in 2011 started to focus on promoted stocks mainly Awesome Penny Stocks.  I started connecting dots and finding tickers that were set up for future stock promotions.  During this year of posting research I got a few different "job offers" including offers to write as a journalist for stock related publications and to provide/teach research for large chat room focused websites that concentrated primarily on promoted and future promotion tickers.  I ended up turning all the offers down.  Eventually in early 2012 Dan introduced himself to me and pitched his idea for a new website - Promotion Stock Secrets.  We had a similar vision for the website and came up with a plan to open the website together in May of 2012.