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Our goal is to identify the top catalyst that provide the greatest potential profit opportunities for day trading on both the long and short side.

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We focus on the information so you can focus on your trades

Our team is continually scanning the market to find the best potential tickers for day trading opportunities. This information is quickly passed on to our members so they have time to react prior to the big moves.

These are not buy or sell alerts but instead they are real catalyst alerts that could provoke a big move and range for trading on both the long and short side.

Find the tickers that have the greatest potential for day trading opportunities

Trade with a Mentor

Looking for Stock Market Trading?
Far too many day trading services focus on one guru and their trades, missing out the majority of potential trades for their members. We believe the focus needs to be on identifying the opportunities for our members. Our team consist of Mentors and researchers to provide solid information and guidance.
See what our pro traders see!
We share our desktop of scanners and charts so members can react on real information when the moment happens.

Real Time Screen Sharing

Clutter Free Chat Room

When it comes to day trading, information is only valuable if you have it quickly and before the crowd. We start our research early in the pre market to give our members a jump on the day. We continue to keep our members informed in real time in our chat room throughout the trading day. Our main chat room is clutter free and strictly on topic with the bulk of the post coming from our core team.
What good is one nightly watch list if all the new catalyst hit in the pre market? Not only do we provide our members with a daily watch list, we send an entirely new pre market watch list with all of the most recent catalyst prior to the market opening. No time to sit in a chat room? We send email updates to our members throughout the trading day.

Multiple Daily Watch List

Coming Soon! We are developing a full Day Trader's Educational Course.

Our primary focus has been on identifying potential catalyst for professional day traders to place on their radars. We realize this information is invaluable for traders that have a solid foundation on technical analysis and understand how to utilize our information that we provide. We also realize many new traders struggle to identify when to enter or exit a trade. While our team cannot trade for you, they are happy to help our members understand what to look for from a day traders point of view. It is important that all traders learn to become independent and self-sufficient traders to best utilize the information that we provide. Our team is working on developing a detailed educational course to help our less seasoned members learn how to day trade volatile stocks. The first of these videos will roll out very soon.