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Would you like to know the Top Day Trading Stocks to watch Every Night prior to the next trading day?

My name is Dan Lee and I have worked with many of the most successful day traders for the past decade. I first started my service back in 2012 and I have been providing a list of the top stocks to potentially trade for nearly every single trading day since the 2012.


The list is unbiased. I am not bullish or bearish for the stocks on my list. I scrub the list of tickers in the market every night to find the stocks that I believe have the best opportunity for volatility. Too many new traders believe they need to know which stocks to buy at the start of the trading day. That is the wrong approach and the reason why many traders fail. A day trader needs to understand patterns and catalyst to find the best entry and exits from a trade. Once a trader has developed the skills needed to understand where to enter and exit, they then need to identify the stocks that will provide the greatest opportunity. That is where our watch list comes in.

We identify the stocks that have the greatest potential for volatility. Why? Because a stock that moves 20% or possibly 100% provides far more intraday trading opportunities on both the long and the short side than the average stock that is lucky to move 3%. The goal is not to find that one stock to ride through the ups and downs with high risk, but to instead find as many opportunities to make numerous high odds trades throughout the trading day on the more predictable set-ups.


This is the focus of our watch list and the reason that we have one of the longest running and most consistent watch list available in the market.

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