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The Hot Stock List

23 Oct The Hot Stock List

How valuable would it be to you if you had a list of 100 stocks the contained around 40 of the next biggest runners over the next two months, most of these stocks will move off any type of positive news or catalyst, you just need to place them on a watch list and wait for a catalyst? Some these stocks will go up well over 1,000 percent. What if after a few months you had another list of different stocks? And a large percentage of the stocks on this list will make huge moves, some as high as 800%.  Then a few weeks later you were given a list of around twenty tickers and around ½ of these tickers would make huge moves over the next week.

Sounds amazing, impossible right, well this is exactly what our members had. Allow me to tell you a little about.

Watch our video for more information:

  • Kamone
    Posted at 22:14h, 23 October Reply

    How much money need to invest and how much is cost to come a member ?

    • Terri smythe
      Posted at 08:53h, 21 September Reply

      I want to sign up

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