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Top Trade Opportunities June 26, 2017 – June 30, 2017

02 Jul Top Trade Opportunities June 26, 2017 – June 30, 2017


  1. SPEX got our attention by mid-morning on Tuesday around $1.20 showing good strength helped by some paid awareness.  The ticker had a good day 2 then made a big day 3 push to $4.75/share for a potential increase of 295% off the trade idea
  2. AVEO - we posted positive news related to its drug study on Tuesday, June 13th, during the pre market at $.73/share, but the ticker actually dropped in price a few cents following the news. More positive new hit on Friday, the 16th, during the pre market which we also posted and added to our morning emails. This time the news had a much better affect quickly gapping AVEO up to $.99/share. The ticker continued to climb to $2.42/share this week on Wednesday for a potential increase of 144% from the June 23th idea and 231% for anybody holding from the June 20th idea
  3. MBRX was a nice chat room mention on Monday approaching resistance at $1.50 with the potential to possibly pop some if it were to break through.  MBRX did break through $1.50 then continued on to make a big push to $3.75/share by Thursday for a potential increase of 150%
  4. ADOM was talked about in the chat room late in the day on June 15th in the $7 range as lowish float IPO sympathy play with fellow low float IPO MYO starting to squeeze some. ADOM followed MYO up hitting $11.66/share on Monday, June 19th.  After holding its gains well the ticker squeezed higher this week to $17.30/share for a potential increase of around 145% off the idea
  5. RWLK was a nice chat room mention on Monday, June 19th, during the pre market gapping up into the $1.30s off news. The ticker saw a nice pop after the open followed by some day long grinding action then got some more positive price action on Friday, the 23rd, on into this week hitting $3.20/share late on Tuesday for a potential increase of around 135% off the mention
  6. CHFS was a nice pre market chat room alert off news on Thursday from under $.70/share.  The ticker made a big 2 day push to $1.63/share for a potential increase of over 132%
  7. DCTH - after first becoming a trade idea on June 8th in the mid-$02 range then making a big push to $.3649/share last week, DCTH became a new trade idea after washing hard back down to $.11/share on Friday, June 26th.  The ticker managed to bounce back to $.26/share by Tuesday for a potential increase of about 130% off the new trade idea
  8. EKSO was a nice chat room alert in the pre market on Wednesday, June 14th, from the $1.30s gapping up with good volume. The ticker got some nice action after the open pushing all the way to $2.18/share on Thursday, the 15th.  After pulling back to the $1.80s for a couple of days the ticker went back on the move pushing to new highs eventually hitting $2.68/share this week for a potential increase of around 98%
  9. BIOS was talked about as a trade idea in the chat room at $1.60 back in early May. It finally started picking up some positive movement towards the end of May which we were tracking. BIOS has continued higher through the entire month of June so far hitting $3.09/share this week on Thursday before pulling back going into the weekend for a potential increase of 93%
  10. FCSC was a good pre market mention in the chat room on Monday, June 12th, when positive drug related news hit. The ticker pushed from $2.55/share on the 12th to $4.64/share this week for a potential increase of 82%
  11. MARA turned into a pretty good trade idea from the low $.30s last week.  The ticker reached a high of $.5515/share this week on Monday for a potential increase of over 60%
  12. VRX was a nice chat room mention off new in the pre market back on Monday, June 19th, during the pre market from under $13/share.  The ticker worked its way up to $18.25/share by this week on Thursday for a potential increase of over 40%


OTC Tickers / Top Penny Stocks

  1. PNTV was back breaking out to new highs again this week.  We've tracked this ticker closely since $.03/share back on March 29th.   The ticker has offered a few nice profit opportunities since then including including an initial push from $.03 to $0738/share by early May (almost 150%) then another nice push from $063/share to $.1286 in early June (103%).  With the new highs at $.1699/share on Friday the ticker has now offered a potential overall increase of 466% since March 29th.
  2. SBFM was a great chat room alert on Friday the 23rd when pumperish sounding news about being able to cure cancer hit.  The subpenny stock quickly ran to the $.005 range then continued higher into this later in the day on into Monday spiking to $.028/share on Monday morning for a potential increase of over 450%
  3. DEWM was a nice chat room alert off news in the pre-market on Thursday. The ticker opened at $.0041/share then the pushed as high as $.0122/share this week on Monday for a potential increase of 197%
  4. TMPS - the crazy price action got our attention by June 20th in the $.30s. The ticker was picking up a lot of volume after some hedge funds converted their preferred share holdings into free trading stock setting off some pump&dump type action for the name. TMPS push to $1.07/share this week for a potential increase of around 185%
  5. KDRH - the crazy promo style type action on Tuesday got our attention so we added it to our morning report coming into Wednesday trading session to possibly offer more action.  KDRH continued to offer interesting action on through Thursday's session hitting a high of $.46/share for a potential increase of over 130% off the idea
  6. USRM was a bounce idea at $.028/share on Monday morning, the 19th, after tanking some of negative news on Friday the 16th. The ticker started to bounce pretty well on Thursday the 22nd pushing to $.064/share this week for a potential increase of 128%
  7. OTTV was a nice chat room mention on Wednesday from $.0015/share.  The ticker doubled to $.003/share by Friday for a potential increase of 100%.  Some members were in much earlier from 23rd at $.0005/share when the higher than normal volume started to hit and move the stock.
  8. CCAN was a nice bounce idea under $.12/share on Wednesday after a sell off.  The ticker bounced back to $.22/share on Friday for a potential increase of around 85%


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One of our primary goals is to identify catalyst and chart set-ups that have the greatest potential for large moves on both the long and short side. Our intentions is to provide high quality information that is as unbiased as possible. The catalyst and trade plan ideas that we provide are not buy or sell alerts (trade alerts are a scam), they represent potential opportunities that we believe our members should look into further. The tickers mentioned on our post are the top potential trade opportunities for day traders. A day trader is looking for volatility and not an “alert”. A volatile stock provides multiple trade opportunities on both the long and short side for traders that understand how they work. Day traders also are looking for multiple trades throughout the day. These are the stocks that could provide the greatest range for day trading.

Since the stocks that we watch have the potential to make big moves, they can be easily influenced by additional catalyst in either direction. We highly recommend that traders have a good understanding of technical analysis along with a thorough understanding of the catalyst and other influential factors prior to trading. We recommend that a trader should only enter a trade if a good risk vs reward set-up is obvious and the trader has a solid plan. The stocks we watch are seldom good long term investments. Our team members are focused on potential day trades and swing trades only. Above is a list of our top potential trade opportunities that we had identified over the last week. In our list we have posted the price at the time that we had identified the catalyst or listed a potential trade plan idea. The potential increase / decrease percentage represents the highest potential move. It is unrealistic to ever expect to time the exact top and bottom of every move and it is our belief that traders should be looking instead to find a smaller, higher predictable piece of the larger moves when the proper setups appear.

Not sure about something? Our team of pro traders and world's top researchers are available throughout each trading day to help our members! Do you want to know all of the top potential trade opportunities each and every trading day?

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